is a visual artist and photographer, who recently moved from Maryland to New York’s Mohawk Valley after living in New Mexico for almost 10 years. Continually chasing light, lines, and contrast, Sarai’s photography seeks to explore the incredibly surreal yet sometimes endearing qualities of living in an almost inconceivably vast and diverse country; one that in some places is incredibly advanced, while other places are simultaneous stuck firmly in the past. Sarai acutely feels this strain between past and present, new and forgotten, change and stagnation, and uses her photography to explore these feelings and what it means to live in these surreal liminal spaces.


Sarai attended Ringling College of Art and Design from 2007 – 2009, before receiving her AA in Fine Arts from Valencia Community College. She was born in England and spent the happiest days of her childhood there as a military brat, before moving to the Sunshine State in 2000. Inspired by her nomadic upbringing, Sarai loves to travel and has spent her adult life in Florida, Washington State, New Mexico, Maryland and most recently, New York.